Wooden Scoop (7cm)

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Wooden Scoop (7cm)

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this all natural, wooden scoop that loves to buddy up with the Laundry Booster Powder or the Bicarb Multipurpose Cleaning Powder making sure you have the perfect amount and zero wastage...100% of the time, every time!  


Made by: Eco Living

The Earth Loves Them:

  1. Made from Sustainable beech wood
  2. Made in Europe
  3. Plastic free 

We Love Them because:

  1. Helps you to measure out exactly the right amount of powder needed for my cleaning
  2. Its small but perfectly formed
  3. All natural and plastic free

How our Eco-Friends Use Them:

Use to measure out the required amount of each powder or cleaning agent

Can also be used for other dry goods like coffee, tea, sugar, salt - just make sure you have one for consumables and one for your cleaning to avoid cross contamination.

Hand wash only


Made from all natural beech wood