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This revolutionary…Rimfinity, the toilet cleaning BioPod by MACK. Using this little bad boy in a spray bottle ensures the cleaner clings to the toilet bowl and underneath the rim, giving you a perfect, germ-free and fresh smelling toilet. Now for the science, conventional toilet cleaning gels don’t and can’t break down the Uric acid found in a little wee but the biological components in Rimfinity can and do break it down into ammonia and carbon which then simply evaporate. The good bacteria then continue to clean! Leaving you with a clean toilet and a clean conscience.

Made By: MACK

Why the earth loves them:

  1. Cruelty free and animal loving;
  2. Vegan, meaning no animal derived ingredients;
  3. Zero plastic packaging in or around the products;
  4. 100% biodegradable, leaving no trace in our waters;
  5. In a concentrated form, means there's no unnecessary shipping of water

Why we love them:

  1. Effective on dirt
  2. Harmless to earth, plant and humans
  3. Safe to use around animals, pets, babies, kids & pregnant people
  4. Fits through the mailbox with other cleaning refills
  5. Available with a fully flexible subscription, saving you even more and ensuring you never run out!

How Eco-Lovers Use Them:

Use an empty spray bottle, no smaller than 500ml but no bigger than 1L. Pop in the BioPod, fill halfway with cool (very lukewarm) water, shake until dissolved. Once the bubbles have gone down, fill to the top and you’re ready to go!


Sodium carbonate, citric acid, methyl hydroxypropyl cellulose, precipitated silica, citrus oil, (food-grade) dye, and pH Neutral.