SMALL: Sprays + Toilet + Accessories
SMALL: Sprays + Toilet + Accessories
SMALL: Sprays + Toilet + Accessories


SMALL: Sprays + Toilet + Accessories

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A spray for everyday plus your toilet bowl! Happy Kitchen, Bathroom, Mirrors/glass, Limescale and Toilet. And lets not forget the cleaning accessories, a set of 3 that are all home compostable. All sprays work with a bottle of 500ML that you can add to your kit.

Made by: MACK, If You Care, Ecovibe, Loofco. 

Why the earth loves them:

  1. Cruelty free and animal loving;
  2. Vegan, meaning no animal derived ingredients;
  3. Zero plastic packaging in or around the products;
  4. All products are 100% biodegradable liquids
  5. Home compostable cleaning accessories = no waste
  6. Harmless to the earth, animals, your home andloved ones
  7. In a concentrated form, means there's no unnecessary shipping of water

Why we love them:

  1. Save Money on this kit vs. buying individual products
  2. Effective, best in class products and brands (this is not just a marketing term, it’s a fact)
  3. Awarded & highly reviewed products
  4. Home delivered so no more unnecessary trips to the supermarket
  5. Available with a fully flexible subscription, saving you even more and ensuring you never run out!
  6. Safe to use around animals, pets, babies, kids & pregnant people
  7. Fits through the mailbox with other cleaning refills


How Eco-Lovers Use Them:

Get your products ready with reusable aluminium or glass bottles and turn the BioPods into sprays and store or replace the accessories. Happy Cleaning!



4 x MACK BioPods for use as sprays: Multi Surface, Kitchen & Bathroom Shine & Descale, Degreaser and Daily Toilet Cleaner

3 x Cleaning Accessories: Sponge, Scourer + Cloth