Natural Latex Rubber Gloves

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Natural Latex Rubber Gloves

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Another washing up essential, these fully biodegradable, plastic free, vegan & 100% natural five fingered accessories bring a touch of comfort and eco-style (honest!) to one of the most boring household task. 

These All Natural Latex Rubber Gloves by Eco Living have been thoughtfully designed with a texture pattern on the finger tips and palms to ensure you never sacrifice any plates at the porcelain altar. The insides are also lightly dusted natural cotton velour lining to ensure the gloves are comfortable to wear....they really have thought of everything!

Made by: Eco Living

Why The Earth Loves Them:

  1. 100% Vegan and made from plant
  2. Plastic-free
  3. Renewable and Sustainable
  4. Biodegradable & compostable
  5. Reusable Slip-resistant
  6. Textured surface
  7. Tree planted for every pack sold
  8. Made in Europe
  9. Ecoliving is a member of the 1% For The Planet donating a portion of their profits to protecting our oceans against plastic pollution.

We Love Them because:

  1. They keep our hands dry and product free when cleaning our lovely homes 
  2. They are Harmless to earth, plant and humans
  3. Available on with a flexible subscription, so that you can ensure you always have a pair to hand 
  4. They're reusable, biodegradable and can be composted at home

How our Eco-Friends Use Them:

  • Rinse gloves with clear water after use
  • Depose of in your home compost or food waste bin when finished with 
  • Warning: The latex can cause allergic reactions.


Made from natural latex with lightly dusted natural cotton velour lining