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Simple Living Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets they are a minimal waste alternative to conventional liquid laundry detergents and pods. These biodegradable, dissolvable sheets are made with plant-based ingredients. No optical brighteners or dyes. With a soothing Fresh Linen scent for freshness, you can smell and feel, our laundry detergent sheets are made with 100% natural fragrance using essential oils and plant extracts. Our fully recyclable paper packaging reduces plastic waste while simplifying storage and transport. With a lower water and carbon footprint, our laundry detergent sheets offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional liquid detergents and pods.

We understand that these strong fragrances are the norm with mainstream detergents, but the ingredients of these 'parfums' are rarely disclosed and have zero bearing on a garment's actual cleanliness. Our laundry detergent sheets have a mild fragrance derived from essential oils and are 100% natural, free from any toxic chemicals. In order to produce that strong 'clean' smell you might be used to with mainstream detergents, synthetic chemicals must remain in your clothes (and therefore you) long after they are washed. By comparison, most of our detergents' fragrances will have disappeared during the rinse cycle, leaving your clothes chemical and irritant-free. Our sheets are palm oil-free and have never been tested on animals.

Made by: Simple Living

Why the earth loves them:

  1. Cruelty free and animal loving;
  2. Vegan, meaning no animal derived ingredients;
  3. Zero plastic packaging in or around the products;
  4. All products are 100% biodegradable liquids
  5. Harmless to the earth, animals, your home and lovedoness

Why we love them:

  1. Save Money on this kit vs. buying individual products
  2. Effective, best in class products and brands (this is not just a marketing term, it’s a fact)
  3. Awarded & highly reviewed products
  4. Home delivered so no more unnecessary trips to the supermarket
  5. Available with a fully flexible subscription, saving you even more and ensuring you never run out!
  6. Safe to use around animals, pets, babies, kids & pregnant people
  7. Fits through the mailbox with other cleaning refills

How Eco-Lovers Use Them:

Add 1 or 2 sheets in your drum, place all your clothes inside the washing machine and start the machine.

Hand washing: Swirl half a sheet in a sink of water until it dissolves, then hand wash your clothes as usual. it’s also safe to use on delicates. Place your clothes into your washing machine and simply add the detergent sheet(s) on top of your clothes.

So how many sheets of detergent should you use? It depends. If your load is light and doesn’t have many stains, one sheet will cut it (especially if you’re using our fresh, clean-smelling products). If your laundry is more challenging, as in dirtier or more heavily soiled, reach for two sheets.

We recommend you pre-treat stains before washing


Our sheets are made with plant-based and plant-derived ingredients extracted from coconut oils, water, and Coco-Glucoside. a fully biodegradable nonionic surfactant designed to remove stains. Fresh Linen fragrance from Rose & Lily essential oils.