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Laundry Booster Powder 750g

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Our Laundry Booster Powder. Add two to four tablespoons in a wash neutralises odours, brightens whites and colours and fights Stains. It even keeps your washing machine sparkling clean.

1 x 750g Pouch of Laundry Boost Powder (approx. 20 washes) 

Add on one of our plastic free and sustainable scoops to ensure you add the right amount to your laundry 

Made By:

Why the earth loves them:

  1. Cruelty free and animal loving;
  2. Vegan, meaning no animal derived ingredients;
  3. Zero plastic packaging in or around the products;
  4. 100% biodegradable, leaving no trace in our waters;

Why we love them:

  1. Effective on dirt
  2. Safe on the machine and it even cleans pipes and machines too!
  3. Safe for use on baby clothes
  4. Safe to use around animals, pets, babies, kids & pregnant people
  5. Available with a fully flexible subscription, saving you even more and ensuring you never run out!

How Eco-Lovers Use Them:

Add one scoop of powder to the drum together with your detergent and run the machine as usual.


Bicarbonate of soda