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Kettle Limescale Cleaners, they keep the limescale down in your kettle naturally, the handmade Kettle scrub blocks. While your kettle is having a break, just pop a block inside to fizz away the limescale build-up and help to keep your kettle efficient. The kettle scrubs don’t contain any scent to make sure your cuppa stays just the way you like it!

Each bag holds, 5 x Kettle scrubs. And why not add a storage tin to your purchase to ensure you keep your product in tip top condition.

Made by: Herbal Living

Why the Earth Loves Them:

  1. They are harmless to animals
  2. No animal testing or animal derived ingredients
  3. No plastic packaging
  4. 100% biodegradable cleaning product

Why We Love Them:

  1. Effective on dirt, can be used when needed
  2. Harmless to earth, plant and humans
  3. Plastic free packaging
  4. Fits through the mailbox with other cleaning refills
  5. Amendable subscriptions available, if you want to save even more and never run out!

How our Eco-Friends Use Them:

Just pop some water in your kettle and drop one of these Kettle Scrubs in. Leave it for an hour to fizz away and break down any limescale. Then change and boil the water twice to get rid of any leftover residue. Ta-da! Your lovely clean kettle is now ready to get on with its life.


Citric Acid