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Zoom Kettle Scrubs

Kettle Scrubs


Keep the limescale down in your kettle naturally, with these handmade Kettle scrub blocks. While your kettle is having a break, just pop a block inside to fizz away the limescale build-up and help to keep your kettle efficient. The kettle scrubs don’t contain any scent to make sure your cuppa stays just the way you like it!

5 x Kettle scrubs by Herbal Homes 

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These tablets are handmade in the UK, plastic-free and rid your kettle of limescale


Half fill the kettle with water, bring to the boil and let it cool down.

Unplug the kettle and drop in a Kettle Scrub, leave for 10 minutes and then empty the kettle in the sink.

Re-fill and boil the kettle. Dispose of this water (do not use), leaving you with a perfectly clean kettle.

Important Information

Please keep kettle scrubs out of reach of children and animals.