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Dishwasher Machine Cleaner (2 pack)

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A friend to your dishwasher, it is Mack’s Squeaky Clean - Machine Cleaner. A lemon-scented washing machine and dishwasher cleaner to help keep appliances running efficiently. With the aid of a million little helpers (good bacteria), Squeaky Clean keeps your machines running smoothly because it remains active for up to 28 days. This product cleans using fermentation extracts and enzymes – a harmless concoction that does all the hard work for you. Each box holds 2 in water soluble cleaners.

Made by: Mack

Earth Loving Because:

  1. They are harmless to animals
  2. No animal testing or animal derived ingredients
  3. No plastic packaging
  4. 100% biodegradable cleaning product

Our Eco-Brandpartner because:

  1. Effective on dirt, can be used when needed
  2. Harmless to earth, plant and humans
  3. Plastic free packaging
  4. Fits through the mailbox with other cleaning refills
  5. Amendable subscriptions available, if you want to save even more and never run out!

How Eco-Warriors Use Them:

Simply pop into your empty appliance and run a wash cycle and let Squeaky Clean get to work. Use as part of your regular maintenance regime you domestic engineers! pH neutral. Squeaky Clean is completely biodegradable and harmless to everything.


Sugar <90%: Enzyme <2%; Precipitated Silica <5%; Fragrance <1%; Gram Positive Bacteria <1%