Packaging - Recycled & Compostable


We've decided to take full control and step into the drivers seat for every step of our packaging decisions. 

We want to make sure we leave no or as little trace as possible, so we have focused on making as much as possible compostable - meaning that they are certified to break down completely into non-toxic components (water, carbon dioxide and biomass) without doing any harm to the environment - or at least recyclable. 

So what are we most proud of: 

1. Our recycled cardboard boxes. As well as ensuring we pick a clever design, that is a good fit for the products its transporting (no massive boxes for a single item), we've decided to opt for single walled versions. They provide the support that's needed but do not take a life time to breakdown - win, win!! 

2. The paper we use for our instructions, that we wrap our products in and even the label on the inside of our boxes - are all made from, yes you guessed it.... recycled kraft paper!

3. We have carefully selected the package tape to make sure it is recycled (yes again...) Kraft paper, and yes importantly, recyclable! You can even pop this rather colourful tape into the compost bin! It is also strengthen with recycled (hallelujah) kraft paper that's been turned into small wires and made with glue that is plant derived.

4. The labels on our sexy tins & bottles are all made out of wood pulp (not that you can tell with these transparent bad boys) and last for around 1 year. When you need new ones we supply you with a new set! We're also trying to save up for our own embossed aluminium bottles, to make our carbon footprint even smaller.

5. Our tins and bottles are made from aluminium, which isn't compostable but it can be recycled an infinite amount of times buddy! and we think that's good enough.

6. Last but by no means least, we have chosen to use Royal Mail as our standard delivery provider as we believe they are the nation's greenest fleet!!


P.s. Did you know that it takes 70% less energy to recycle paper, than to make make virgin paper?

P.p.s We currently use the Royal Mail labels, but it is our goal to quickly start using our own environmentally friendly non-smudging labels, so watch this space!