Why we love them:

All BioPod casings are dissolvable in warm water (no need for extra packaging!), PLUS... they're VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds -  are a large group of chemicals that are found in many products we use to build and maintain our homes) free, vegan, pet-safe and do no harm to oceans or aquatic life. 

We stock:

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Allrounder, suitable for a 500ML spray bottle
  • Kitchen Degreaser, suitable for a 500ML spray bottle
  • Glass & Mirror, The Shining, suitable for a 500ML 
  • Floor Cleaner, suitable for a 500ML to 750ML spray bottle
  • Toilet Cleaner, suitable for a 500ML to 1L spray bottle

Why Swap:

  • They are the best in class, no other concentrated pod or sheet, has been so effective.
  • Wide collection, and are a powder concentrate, so they cannot leak
  • They are all 100% plastic free



The Important Stuff: 

Manufacturer: Mack

A UK manufacturer that started 2 years ago making their way to the domestic cleaning market. Their concentrated cleaning range were already loved all over the UK by Facility Managers, so they were aware of the gold they had at their hands, before turning their product into something that you and I can use in our houses.