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Our Story

Our Story

Lyndsay & Annemarie, two ladies with who love the earth but are just not into cleaning (the irony).

Their vision of accelerating the end of single-use plastic in household products has finally become a reality.

Its a dream come true for them to start a business that is good for the earth and enables them to support small suppliers and other female-led businesses like themselves.

They love what they do and genuinely care about finding the best and most innovative products out there, so they can help change the industry for the better.

Our Mission

We exists to end single-use plastic and the use of harsh chemicals & create a world of infinitely reusable bottles, plant derived and natural cleaning products with no waste and more importantly, no compromises.

1) To be plastic free – we don't have any single-use plastic! The only plastic, that’s the spray nozzle, but it’s just a matter of time.

2) Earth friendly – no harsh chemicals, cruelty, no mother earth in tears, just natural plant or mineral derived ingredients.

3) Convenient – we have carefully selected each of the kits and the subscriptions to be flexible and adaptable to suit every budget and household.