NEWS: Behind the scenes: World Tour (in South London)

This Sunsday, the 14th of November. We had our first ever stand, the owner of Stephanie's at Belair Park (SE21) let us decorate a whole corner with our beauties of cleaning bottles, tins and many more! It was very good to notice that our cleaning products worked seemingly with the decor of a juice, pastries and coffee stand (thank you aluminium!!)

It was a full-on day, with a lot that we learned, but the best was the fact that we could talk to our (future) customers to hear what they thought, and how they perceived our kits. Lucky us, they were their best British self, honest but kind.

The best piece of advice and feedback we could get this November, was that our trial bags are perfect for Christmas stockings. So keep an eye on the shop, we are crafting to get these small packages out there soon!

For now, we put our feet up (our office bodies are not used to a full day on them.