What puts the Eco in the Washing-Up liquid?

Doing the dishes. If you are like us, you probably end up doing some everyday. And it goes without saying that regardless of having a machine or not, there is always that pan that needs extra work, some dirty knife that did not make it into the machine, or wine glasses that are too delicate.

So in conclusion, we still have to do the dishes, and yes by hand that is.

But how can we make the dishes  Eco? And what does that even mean eco washing-up? We started this quest and finding products that would meet our list of non-negotiable aspects before we added them to our shop, they are:

  • Vegan (that is free from ingredients + animal testing)
  • Plastic-free (in packaging and product) 
  • Palm-oil free
  • No toxics 
  • Does it contain natural ingredients
  • Is it in concentrated from (aka avoiding shipping water)
  • Can you refill? (and use your bottles over and over?

If you have a subscription to Ethical Consumer, Emma Oddie and Mackenzie Denyer can tell you all about the grocery brands.  But with our non-negotiable aspects, there aren’t many brands we can buy there, or it is safe to say, there is no brand.

So how to go about it now? Well start with looking for it online, we have 3 (!) brands, Mack, Bide & HomeThings, that we stock, see our dishes page

And don’t forget to add some sponges, gloves and brushes!

Ps, we are the cheapest in town, if you want to make this a sustainable and kind choice to your home, earth and wallet!