NEWS: To subscribe, or not subscribe? Is this the future?

2020 was a year of big changes and even bigger challenges.

To keep it on a positive note, it was also the year that, according to research, many of us embraced The Subscription! And we were subscribing to all sorts of things, from Bamboo toilet paper (thanks to the panic buyers and empty shelves) to restaurant kits, stationery, gin & tonic, socks and even hot sauce! 

So what caused this explosion and is it here to stay? Well, the pandemic definitely had something to do with it. With shops, restaurants and bars all closed at various points, we had to bring the fun to the house and the subscription was the perfect way to do it. However, it didn’t stop when lockdown ended, we’ve kept on subscribing. Is it the price point, the convenience of home delivery or just the joy of receiving something new in the post? The answer is a little bit of everything.

From our own experience, for the goods that we always need - like toilet paper and kitchen roll - as well as convenience and the little bit of joy you get when your parcel arrives, there is also the need to ensure we have an everlasting positive effect. Because, let’s be honest, we are not going to go to 5 different stores to find recyclable (bamboo is almost impossible) toilet paper, especially when we’re down to the last sheet. 

And that’s where comes in, a subscription that not only gives peace of mind by ensures you never run out of the all-important home care (a very smancy fancy word for cleaning products) items, it also ensures the products you are using round the home are kind to you and the planet. 

With our two kits delivered at a frequency that suits you, (I’m on a monthly delivery, it’s me at home with kid, dog and messy other half, running both my washing machine and dishwasher on a daily basis), it not only ensure you have a constant supply but with our plastic free solutions, you can save up to 108 plastic items a year! 

We’ve been on a mission to enhance our offering, making it even more customisable to match the pace of products and payments that suits every household. We’re even introducing a pre-paid option - for those looking to save a few pennies and ensure they’re on top of their spending. 

Top Tips:

  • Subscriptions are a great way to ensure you never run out of your favourite products and essentials. 
  • They also help you chose products that are good for the earth by not panic buying when you’re down to the last sheet (we’ve all been there) 
  • helps to ensure you have everything you need to clean your house from top to bottom whilst also looking after the environment
  • So set up your subscription today and get your homecare essentials delivered to your door, at a frequency that suits you with an easy and flexible subscription.  

Happy cleaning (said no one ever….)