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NEWS: Behind the scenes, Product Photography

“Work that bottle!!” is probably what was shouted across the “The Aesthetic Corner” studio in South West London by the wonderful Roxana Vocilia, our first-ever photographer! After initially shooting our own product pics in our kitchen, on holiday and in many other random places, we decided to invest some money in giving the products the look they deserved!  With Lyndsay working closely with this very talented lady, we knew we were in good hands. With her quality of work and knack with sustainable brands, it felt like the universe was having some fun by bringing us together. The photographs are now complete and we’re very proud to use her images across our social channels, website and wherever else you...

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NEWS: To subscribe, or not subscribe? Is this the future?

2020 was a year of big changes and even bigger challenges. To keep it on a positive note, it was also the year that, according to research, many of us embraced The Subscription! And we were subscribing to all sorts of things, from Bamboo toilet paper (thanks to the panic buyers and empty shelves) to restaurant kits, stationery, gin & tonic, socks and even hot sauce!  So what caused this explosion and is it here to stay? Well, the pandemic definitely had something to do with it. With shops, restaurants and bars all closed at various points, we had to bring the fun to the house and the subscription was the perfect way to do it. However, it didn’t stop...

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NEWS: Reduce carbon footprint + Eco-cleaning =

Cleaning, almost nobody likes it. A clean pad, now that’s something we can all get onboard with! And if there are people out there that say they don’t like a clean pad, these are the ones you can’t trust. That’s clear! So how can you reduce your carbon footprint in your cleaning regime? Our 5 Steps: Ditch your plastic sponges/brushes/cloths and replace them with biodegradable ones. Like a cellulose sponge, a compostable cloth or a coconut scourer. Plastic bottles? OUT-OF-THE-WINDOW (recycle bin that is), get some aluminium beauts! Rather than glass, which is heavier (impact on transport) and less recycled (100% recycled glass is non-existent) Go concentrated, use brands that do a concentrated version, that means less packaging and unnecessary...

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