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Eco Washing Up Liquid, Safe To Smallest Hands

Little ones roam around, the house is filled with joy and dirty stuff, from clothes to toys, and not to forget extra dishes..what a life, hey!   Rethink what is under your sink, and don’t leave your cleaning stuff under the sink with little people around, why? Because they are the most nosy creatures around, pulling open doors and checking what drawers hold. What we want to prevent is for any child to take some product in, their choice of drink should  be water, milk and maybe a juice.  But even when they drink of their cleaned cups, is it important to use products that free of toxics, and not coming out of plastic bottles (as  nano plastics find their way...

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Eco Washing Up Liquid, Safe To Furry Friends

Why would you consider an eco washing up liquid, that fits your sustainable lifestyle as much as it is safe?  It is known that you cannot wash your dog with washing up liquid. “Risius Family Veterinary Service, a vet clinic in Eldridge, Iowa, warns that “bathing in dish soap often leads to a skin infection.” 1 If this is bad for their skin, would you want to use that on their bowl, toys, and other fancy accessories they might own? You might ones tried to clean a window with washing up liquid - and some newspapers if you are as old as us - but it will leave streaks. And it is a product that leaves a residue. Not something...

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What puts the Eco in the Washing-Up liquid?

Doing the dishes. If you are like us, you probably end up doing some everyday. And it goes without saying that regardless of having a machine or not, there is always that pan that needs extra work, some dirty knife that did not make it into the machine, or wine glasses that are too delicate. So in conclusion, we still have to do the dishes, and yes by hand that is. But how can we make the dishes  Eco? And what does that even mean eco washing-up? We started this quest and finding products that would meet our list of non-negotiable aspects before we added them to our shop, they are: Vegan (that is free from ingredients + animal testing)...

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