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Eco Washing Up Liquid, Safe To Smallest Hands

Little ones roam around, the house is filled with joy and dirty stuff, from clothes to toys, and not to forget extra dishes..what a life, hey!   Rethink what is under your sink, and don’t leave your cleaning stuff under the sink with little people around, why? Because they are the most nosy creatures around, pulling open doors and checking what drawers hold. What we want to prevent is for any child to take some product in, their choice of drink should  be water, milk and maybe a juice.  But even when they drink of their cleaned cups, is it important to use products that free of toxics, and not coming out of plastic bottles (as  nano plastics find their way...

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GREEN CLEANING: Laundry Booster Powder... your new secret weapon

In our quest to seek out the best earth friendly products without all the harsh chemicals, we’ve developed and launched the all new Laundry Booster Powder. It’s a bi-carb based product that is bleach- free, non toxic and safe for use with all the family, especially those with delicate or sensitive skin. We love this product so much we thought it worth a blog feature just so we can share all the amazing ways this new secret laundry weapon can be used.  Here are the top 5… Brightens clothes - fed up with greying cloths??? Because the active ingredient in our Laundry Booster has natural antiseptic properties, it helps to remove dinginess that builds up on clothes overtime. By adding...

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GREEN CLEANING: The myths of sustainable laundry washing

Washing your dirty laundry rather randomly seems to be the one household chore in which everyone has a horror story or two to tell. My own personal disaster story is of my dad (my parents were divorced when I was 4) washing a very expensive and borrowed grey Champion hoodie, along with a rather pretty maroon top (mine!). Low and behold, when the wash was finished, the once grey hoodie had turned a rather fetching pink. Being only 13, my world fell apart after my dad outright refused to get my friend a new hoodie. In hindsight I can understand the decision, I was a very annoying adolescent that caused my parents enough worries and in the grand scheme of...

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