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Eco Washing Up Liquid, Safe When Pregnant?!

So yes, you are pregnant, congrats! A magical, confusing and tiring time in your life has kicked. Filled with - sometimes unasked for - advice of how to do things, what to buy and not. But clear is that using toxic cleaning products is dangerous, as well as changing the cat litter. Madeline Schmitz of the Bump: “Some dish soaps contain an antibacterial agent called triclosan, which has been found to disrupt the metabolization of oestrogen, which is necessary to help the development of a foetus”  + “From disposable water bottles to carry-out boxes, coming in contact with plastic containers can be bad for a baby's health. Many of these containers contain bisphenol A (BPA), which has been linked to...

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Eco Washing Up Liquid. Why are ours effective + harmless?

It goes without saying that Eco Washing Up Liquid meet our eco credentials, what makes it sustainable to us, well the non-negotiable aspect are to us: Free of plastic > packing and product Refill possible > no unnecessary shipment of water Natural ingredients > no nasties in the water when cleaning Vegan + Cruelty Free > no animals were hurt during the process of making this product Effective > we still need to fight the idea around eco washing up liquid being less effective, we better have products that kill these from day 1 of using it. That is why we trial everything ourselves and dig through unending streams of reviews (on mothership pages or independent ones) So  basically it...

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What puts the Eco in the Washing-Up liquid?

Doing the dishes. If you are like us, you probably end up doing some everyday. And it goes without saying that regardless of having a machine or not, there is always that pan that needs extra work, some dirty knife that did not make it into the machine, or wine glasses that are too delicate. So in conclusion, we still have to do the dishes, and yes by hand that is. But how can we make the dishes  Eco? And what does that even mean eco washing-up? We started this quest and finding products that would meet our list of non-negotiable aspects before we added them to our shop, they are: Vegan (that is free from ingredients + animal testing)...

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