NEWS: Reduce carbon footprint + Eco-cleaning =

Cleaning, almost nobody likes it. A clean pad, now that’s something we can all get onboard with! And if there are people out there that say they don’t like a clean pad, these are the ones you can’t trust. That’s clear!

So how can you reduce your carbon footprint in your cleaning regime? Our 5 Steps:

  1. Ditch your plastic sponges/brushes/cloths and replace them with biodegradable ones. Like a cellulose sponge, a compostable cloth or a coconut scourer.
  2. Plastic bottles? OUT-OF-THE-WINDOW (recycle bin that is), get some aluminium beauts!
  3. Rather than glass, which is heavier (impact on transport) and less recycled (100% recycled glass is non-existent)
  4. Go concentrated, use brands that do a concentrated version, that means less packaging and unnecessary transportation of water (which make up 93% of the product). All you need to add is your ordinary tap water, happy days!
  5. If you get your cleaning products delivered, pick a green fleet delivery (like Royal Mail) 
Stay Strong! How? By getting things on repeat or even as a subscription :) Meaning you never run out!