Have you met our Eco Washing-Up heroes yet?

Why stock 1 brand, if you can stock 3? That is exactly what we thought, and did!

Each brands has it pros and cons, but they are all effective and harmless, and be categorised as eco washing up liquid, made with natural ingredients and eco washing up liquid refills, plus they meet the eco-credentials to be called true ECO washing up liquids, meaning they are:

  • Vegan (that is free from ingredients + animal testing)
  • Plastic-free (in packaging and product) 
  • Palm-oil free
  • No toxics 
  • Does it contain natural ingredients
  • Is it in concentrated from (aka avoiding shipping water)
  • Can you refill? (and use your bottles over and over?

So who do we have and why are they winners? In alphabetic order, we present you:

Bide - Eco Washing Up Liquid of £ 2.60

A concentrated and foaming Washing Up Liquid - yes foaming! That is the only one we have that foams the way it does. It comes in a concentrated form in a little bag of 280ml and with your tap water it reaches 480ml of washing up liquid. This should last a normal household between 2-4 months, all depending on the size of the household and if there is a machine at home.

Our pro is the foam, and the con would be - if we had to find it, its weight, with 280ml it is the heaviest we stock. Ps it normally sells for £2.75, so when looking for affordable homecare? Look no further!

HomeThings WASHINGUPTHINGS - Eco Washing Up Liquid of £xx (insert link)

So HomeThings has broader their range with the liquid, and it does also foam, but we would say foam wise the second in class. This does not in anyway affect its effectiveness, let us be very clear on that! It comes in a box of 3 sachest, that each - with tap water - grow to 325ml bottles each. So in total with your delivery you can get to 975ml of eco washing up liquid, a 6/9 month supply. 

P.s. are our brother from another mother sells this beaut for £x and we undercut them, why? Because the more we sell it, the bigger the impact.

Mack Dish Jockey - Eco Washing Up Liquid of £xx (insert link)

This little hard working bee, is the only non foaming eco washing up liquid, but that does not say it is not working, the complete opposite of that. It is actually advised to be used in cooler water, and with a refill capability of 500ml, a true queen that goes from concentrated to XL.

Ps. also this product we sell for dirt cheap, as with us this cost £xx and the other, yes the mothership charges £1.80.