Eco Washing Up Liquid. Why are ours effective + harmless?

It goes without saying that Eco Washing Up Liquid meet our eco credentials, what makes it sustainable to us, well the non-negotiable aspect are to us:

  1. Free of plastic > packing and product
  2. Refill possible > no unnecessary shipment of water
  3. Natural ingredients > no nasties in the water when cleaning
  4. Vegan + Cruelty Free > no animals were hurt during the process of making this product
  5. Effective > we still need to fight the idea around eco washing up liquid being less effective, we better have products that kill these from day 1 of using it. That is why we trial everything ourselves and dig through unending streams of reviews (on mothership pages or independent ones)

So  basically it is there to be effective on your dishes, but not harm anyone or anything in the making or using of this sustainable eco washing up liquid.