Eco Washing Up Liquid, Safe When Pregnant?!

So yes, you are pregnant, congrats! A magical, confusing and tiring time in your life has kicked. Filled with - sometimes unasked for - advice of how to do things, what to buy and not.

But clear is that using toxic cleaning products is dangerous, as well as changing the cat litter.

Madeline Schmitz of the Bump:

“Some dish soaps contain an antibacterial agent called triclosan, which has been found to disrupt the metabolization of oestrogen, which is necessary to help the development of a foetus” 


“From disposable water bottles to carry-out boxes, coming in contact with plastic containers can be bad for a baby's health. Many of these containers contain bisphenol A (BPA), which has been linked to birth defects.”

Errmm, what a news hey, sorry we were quite in shock when we read all these things.

So go eco, also for the little unborn ones in our bodies.  Go check out our Pregnant Safe Eco Washing Up Liquids, they are Eco & Harmless + don’t forget to add some aluminium bottles to be sure.