GOING PLASTIC-FREE: 6 simple ways to upgrade your recycling game!

Easy as one, two, three
Ah, simple as Do Re Mi
Re-Cy-Cle, one, two, three
Baby, you and me, girl 
(*sings in Jackson 5 voice)

Sometimes the fruit hangs so low, it almost touching the floor, and that is what we find with this marvellous recycling game. You can define, we did 5, simple steps that carry far and wide (basically not into the plastic soup that floats in our oceans)

You wanna tag along? We’ve selected our 5 simple steps, that are on fleek, on budget and good for your karma!

  1. Start with ending single-use plastic of the small bottle kind. Yes, those bottles of water you get with meal deals, on mass at your supermarket or your local shop. Instead, why not treat yourself to a reusable bottle. If you’re worried about the quality of tap water (for those Londoners reading this), why not upgrade to a bottle to one with an activated black charcoal stick like this one by Black+Blum. Given the average water bottle has a lifespan of 450 years if not recycled – think of the impact this small change can have
  2. Move away from plastic bottles of handwash that end up in the bin. Keep your hands clean, and eyes happy, with the cool handwash refills by KanKan's hand wash that come in great beer tins, made of aluminium (our infinitely recycled friend) 
  3. The hair and body deserve some natural best in class, plastic free love too. Have you discovered the Alternative Soap bars of SUMA? Our fave is the Rose/Geranium, that you can buy here. Our hair is a big fan and so are we! It also comes in very handy when travelling!.
  4. Speaking of travelling, ever want to do a hand wash/or even a real wash (avoiding the wash marathon when back home..) try the laundry sheets of Simple Living, you can use them for a hand wash or in the machine, super small and they dissolve in water, FULLY! Because these beauties don’t come wrapped in plastic, in a plastic box or any other non-recyclable material they are.
  5. Food-wise, go to a market for your fruit and veggies, often we find that this way cheaper, but also, you get the handpick to exact amount that you need, dropped into your reusable cotton bag. Oh happy days, life is sometime just soo good.
  6. And lastly, humble but proud! What to think of our aluminium bottles and tins  They can be recycled forever, and ever, and forever, and so and so on! There is hardly any virgin aluminium around, so every tin or bottle you hold from our brand, has seen many lives. If these bottles could talk...

Hasta-la-vista, speak soon, you eco-warriors!