GOING PLASTIC-FREE: 5 tips to instantly reduce your carbon footprint

Have you ever met someone that said “no, I am not going to help out when nature needs me”? Me neither. I am aware there are people who deny the existence of climate change and they are entitled to their opinion but I am not writing this piece for those people. This is for people like myself that are, as we like to say “like-minded’, when it comes to addressing the issue of climate change and our carbon footprint. The so- called seekers of carbon footprint reduction (that sounds like a cult, but there you go). 

Whilst none of us want (or are willing) to go back “10 levels” in this game called life. Do you want to know what ‘10 levels” back looks like? Think air-drying your body after taking a dip in the nearest open water, instead of a shower and a towel dry. We know you want to be climate-friendly and fight against global warming but without freezing your nipples off. 

So how to do it? We summed up 5 steps that ease you into a reduced carbon footprint life:

  1. “Less is more” 

You need to say this with a French accent. To live the quote, instead of buying clothes that last one season, buy quality clothes that stand the test of time (style-wise and washing machine wise). And if you wash, why not try our Laundry Sheets.

  1. “What goes around, comes around” 

Starting with recycling - this is the obvious one and we're aware that every local council has different rules, but food, paper and hard plastic are straightforward. In addition, why not also minimize purchases that are wrapped in single-use plastic (the unnecessary bit that makes very little sense to us). 

Refurbish, reuse and repair! Meaning, get stuck in after watching repair videos on YouTube, repair it and give it a new life. Not only do you give something a second chance, you also save money and in return you can enjoy a moment of great satisfaction!

  1. Clean your house as if you can eat from the floor, with eco-friendly cleaning products

Don’t just throw your cereal on the floor and start licking...that’s not quite what we meant. It’s about using products that are effective but leave no harmful trace, for your family, furry friends and the environment. We work with products that are degradable and we are so happy with that!

  1. Climb that hill, every day

This one is not for the fainthearted or fresh hairdos, this one is for when we can walk or cycle. For the car-owners amongst us (us included), why not swap the car when travelling short distances and walk or cycle instead (although we don’t always love the hills of South London). IF you’ve already got an electric car, great! For those of us who are yet to jump on that bandwagon, then busses or trains are the next best thing. There are Black Cabs that only ride electric, or the Ubers, in case your outfit is not public transportation proof.

  1. Down the rabbit hole

Less from the meat department, more from the plant based. Our food regime determines the carbon footprint we leave behind. And for all the carnivores out there, we are not putting the STOP sign up, but instead holding a “LESS” sign. Plus think of eating locally produced food (most shops let you know if the strawberries are produced in Kent or Kenya) this change in behaviour helps a lot! The same as eating according to the season.

Eat the diet of a rabbit and your carbon dioxide reduction is limitless. Plus eating carrots are great for your eyes, thanks to the beta-carotene they contain. Worst case, you might turn a little orange, but that’s it.